Ramona is our executive officer and an experienced group sales manager with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry managing large campaigns.

Ramona has more than 15 years’ experience in media and marketing communications, and is passionate about developing a fundamental relationship that will identify the right solution for any organisation.


Travis is our national account executive at MSA and quite the advertising character. He likes long walks along the beach with that special someone… and RADIO!

Starting in radio 15 years ago – managing a station in Broken Hill – Travis saw the impact the platform had on his clients and caught the radio bug. He has worked in the industry ever since. Travis loves working with clients to create a campaign that achieves their goals. Whether it’s brand awareness, donor acquisition or direct sales, his job is to get you a ROI with our listeners. If you have a message you want to get out to our audience – he would love to have a chat with you.


Phil is our creative director. He has over 40 years’ experience working in the Sydney radio industry – he even taught radio at the Australian Film, Television & Radio School. Phil was probably working at 2WS when Linda (below) answered the phone with “2WS is my station”. He grew up on the beaches around Norah Head on the Central Coast and loves surfing, the Roosters, the Central Coast Mariners and Liverpool FC.

If you want a radio message produced that will grab the attention of listeners, Phil’s your man. He has a history of effective productions and says his most successful ones were with his wife, Vivienne and their two sons.


Patricia is our national sales administrator with over six years’ experience in media and has always had a passion for radio as a means of entertainment and getting information. Back in the day, as a naïve teenager, she would hide her transistor radio under her pillow and tune into Father Jim McLaren’s program on Sunday nights – listening as he counselled teenagers in a caring non-judgmental way.

These days, Patricia continues listening to a broad range of community radio stations and enjoys tuning in to regional radio during her road trips with her hubby and sometimes her four-legged critters tag along.


Claire is our national radio scheduler and comes with over 13 years of radio scheduling experience.

She has a passion for radio and seeing community regional stations flourish and grow.

Having emigrated twice with her family, Claire is definitely not afraid of a challenge. From the signature of the sale to the airing of the finished product, Claire is interested in the details of each campaign.


Linda is our radio scheduler and loves working in the media industry.

Radio has always been a part of Linda’s life. She remembers answering the phone with “2WS is my station” and her Dad always blaring the radio in his shed. Being a mum of three, Linda values the significant contribution community radio has in her family’s life and has married a man who also listens to the radio loudly while working in his shed.

With her keen and friendly attitude, Linda enjoys being involved in the process of the first introduction of a client to hearing their message on air.