If you pay for something- you generally value it right!? You are investing your hard earned cash into a service, product or cause that you believe in and that’s exactly what our listeners do for THEIR radio station. MSA is a network of 38 listener funded radio stations right around the country. From Sydney to Swan Hill we have listeners paying to keep their local radio stations on the air. We are at the heart of the community – right across Australia and our listeners love us for it.  And we are giving you the opportunity to reach your customers like never before.

Each station has two appeals annually – encouraging listeners to give and every year we are overly impressed with the level of engagement our listeners have with their radio stations. In Sydney alone – listeners have given over $2 million across a month. Our listening audience have chimed in to tell us why they invest in their favourite radio station and here is what they had to say:

During these uncertain times, I didn’t expect to find it as challenging as I did. But every time I was able to turn on the radio and hear your positive, inspiring messages, the humour, the uplifting stories, everything. It just allowed me to accept the fact that it’s sometimes okay to not be okay.

Ivey, listener to 89.9 The Light, Melbourne

Hope is so important to me, our community and the world especially right now. I’ve been listening for over 10 years and it has gotten me through so many seasons in my life. It’s so uplifting and a special reminder that we aren’t alone in this world and there are so many other Christians that share our values and morals. It can be easy to forget this and lose hope and that’s why we need hope 103.2 to be around. Thank you to everyone who’s supported in keeping hope live in Sydney!

Justine, listener to Hope 103.2, Sydney

Hi! This donation is from my 7 year old son, Nate. We listen to life FM everyday and especially enjoy the breakfast show each morning on the way to school. Recently, he earned some money from recycling cans and bottles and wanted to donate some. He asked me how much 10% would be and I told him it would be $2. He then got out a $2 coin and asked if I can please donate it to Life FM from him because he loves listening to Life FM and hearing “God songs”! Thank you Life FM. I pray that God blesses this little donation coming from a big heart!

Lindsay & Krystal, listeners to Life 107.9, Adelaide

We have been on a journey over the past 8 years with my daughter in law been caught up in drug addiction. I watched my very creative and energetic son be so crushed as he struggled through with his 3 little girls. It was really difficult but I heard so many stories on Vision over the time that gave me great encouragement and I kept praying and believing for God to set her free.I am pleased to say that last week they have been back together since September. If it hadn’t been for all that I was hearing on Vision, giving me hope and strength to face it all and to be able to forgive her and welcome her back, I don’t think I could have done it. Thank you so much, the work you do is incredible.

Laurelle, listener to Vision Christian Radio

Thank you for being part of my family for the last almost 14 years. You were my family when I immigrated and I had prayed for a Christian radio station before I left South Africa and the first radio station I found when we got our own car was you and that is all I listen to. My sons have grown up on 96five. My 8 year old sings along when we are in the car. Thank you for being a positive voice in amongst all the crazy in the world. You are really special in our lives. Love you all.

Yvette, listener to 96five, Brisbane

Listening for 6 years. We need a light in the world for others to hear, there is so much brokenness out there, anything we can do to share the truth about God. A message of hope. Even Christians get lost and broken so also need that hope.

Michelle, listener to Salt 106.5, Sunshine Coast